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Date: January, 2016

“Thanks again for the quick emergency response for our boiler issue; Edgerton is Awesome!”

-Commercial Customer in Danbury

Date: December, 2015

A message from our answering service: “Customer had a new furnace installed, she wanted to tell you they were all outstanding and compliment you on having such a great team.  She is extremely pleased with the service and with the techs!”

Date: August, 2015

“When good people do things really right I think they deserve to know about it and be praised for it. Today I had an install of a new AC condenser and air handler by George, Steve and Ilias. These guys did you proud! I would be proud and happy to have them represent me in any service business and you are fortunate to have them.

It’s pretty clear that I didn’t just happen to get a team of really good guys on my install as all my interactions with Edgerton have been positive ones. To that point, the service tech who responded to our no AC call many weeks ago was Kevin. My wife and I were in Colorado and my son in law and daughter who are living here called service when the noticed the AC wasn’t working and the pan below the air handler was full of water. Kevin trouble shot it, figured out what could and could not be done and then explained to me over the phone exactly what the situation was and what the realities were that we were dealing with on the 22 year old unit. He was outstanding as well and both my daughter and son in law raved about him. My kudos to Kevin who engendered my trust by just having a frank phone conversation with me to explain what was happening.

I have a real passion for service and love it when its done the right way and customer come away saying…why would I do  business with anyone else! Customer service is a competitive advantage and only great people working for companies that care are going to be able to execute it…well done!”

Date: June 8, 2015

“Thank you!!! Your service was excellent and all people involved are professional and courteous.

All of our plumbing business going forward will be performed by Edgerton, Inc.

Thank you again!!!!!”


Date: April 14, 2015

“I wish to thank Edgerton and your caring, skilled team for the excellent service you provided to me when my furnace stopped working the evening of March 23rd.  I did not expect to have a serviceman answer my call and come to see what he could do to help at 10:30pm.  Ian is a gem!  He was unable to get me heat that evening and we decided to get Mike (Sales) involved the next day.  At 7:30am the next morning Mike was on the phone with me and 1/2 hour later Ian and Mike were at my home.  We decided on a plan of action and Mike made it happen.  Mike is one of the most capable, customer satisfying individuals I have come to respect and rely on. He spec’d out an on demand hot water system back in 2013 which I could not be happier with and I have recommended it to other owners in my condo complex.  Kane and Steve installed the new furnace and they were unbelievable!  One cannot help but marvel at the way they work together.  They entered the room where the old furnace was located and started disassembling different sections of the unit. When one needed the help of the other, words did not have to be uttered, they were there for one another. Your training and company culture is evident in your employees. They are a pleasure to meet and have work in one’s home. Thank you Edgerton for providing me with the highest level of customer service.”

Date: March 27, 2015

From a customer at Heritage Village, Southbury:

“Both technicians that did our service today were great.  Everything was very clean when they left.”

Date: December 9, 2014

From Bee Publishing in Newtown:

“Just wanted to thank you and the crew for doing such a great job doing the emergency removal and installation of our boiler. Presently there are a lot of Happy Bees around the office.”

Date: October 24, 2014

From a customer in Fairfield:
“The installers that were here yesterday were fantastic. They were polite, neat, efficient and proficient. Rather than taking over the household they worked around the activity level here and respectfully got their job done. We were treated like for the time they were here we were the most important things in their lives and to top it off they did their job well.
Please thank management and Lou for providing with such great service. Job well done.”

Date: October 7, 2014

On 10/6 customer called in about his water heater leaking badly, Edgerton responded right away to the call and determined he needed a brand new water heater. The next day Mike I. was the tech who went to install the new water heater. The customer said that Mike was very nice and he did a great job on the new unit. He made sure everything was working properly before leaving. Customer wanted to thank Edgerton for responding so quickly and fixing his problem.

Date: October 6,2014

Customer had her oil burner serviced by Maurice. She was very pleased with the service she received. The customer explained how well the tech let her know everything that was going on.

Date: September 26,2014

Customer had a new furnace installed and sent in a note stating ” Thanks to your staff for being on time andf professional. I appreciate all their hard work!”

Date: September 16,2014

Customer had his regular ac start and check done with Dennis. Customer was very happy with the servicing Dennis did. Being a customer for over 9 years he was pleased to have a tech who spoke and explained everything to him.


Date: September 11,2014

Customer is very pleased with Edgerton’s response to his emergency. Customer was also very pleased with the plumbers Dave K., Russell & Reid. He mentioned how thankful he was with the customer service he received from Ashley & Liz. Customer is happy to do service with Edgerton in the near future!


Date: September 11,2014

Customer called in a panic for no hot water and was a brand new customer to Edgerton. Ian was dispatched to the call. The customer said that he was very knowledgeable and explained to him everything that was going on. He also said that for his first experience with Edgerton he was very pleased. Between the customer service he received from Ashley and the experience with Ian he is happy to continue with Edgerton for any HVAC/ Plumbing work in the future.

Date: August 6, 2014

Customer called in for 3 AC’s that were down. Ian went to the call. The customer was very happy with the work he did. He also said that Ian explained the follow up work that needs to be done.  Very happy with service.


Date: July 21, 2014

Customer had AC and furnace replacement done on 7/17. He said the two installers who did the job (Shakane and Steve) did a great job and he is very happy with the work that was done. Very nice techs!

“Good Job Shakane and Steve!”


Date: July 15, 2014

Maurice was out for a no AC call. She was thankful Edgerton sent someone right away since they live in New York. The customer said Maurice explained everything to let her know what was going on. He was very polite and she would love for him to come back to her home if there is ever a problem.


Date: July 10, 2014

Customer called in and spoke with Lou regarding sales and mentioned that the tech, Dennis, was amazing. The customer requested that Dennis come anytime they need a service call. She said he was the best tech they have had there.


Date: July 9, 2014
Customer #: 49834

Tom Emro responded to an after hours call. The customer said he explained everything to her and fixed the no AC issue. She was very grateful that he came all the way from his area to Fairfield at that time of night. She was very happy with he service.


Date: June 27, 2014
Customer #: 11936

When the customer called for a no AC he said Charlie Bedo was the tech that went to his house. He mentioned how nice of a person Charlie was and how he explained what was wrong to him. He was very happy with Edgerton.


Date: June 18, 2014
Customer #: 103070

Customer called Edgerton because his unit kept freezing up. Dennis went out to the call and fixed the problem. The customer was very happy with the work that Dennis did. He explained to the customer what the issue was and the customer was very pleased with that.

“Great job Dennis!”


Date: June 10, 2014
Customer #: 103402

Barbara is a new customer and Travis went to her home for a no AC issue. She said that he took the time to explain to her what was wrong so she could understand. She said he was a bright young man. And is happy she called Edgerton for service.


Date: June 9, 2014
Customer #: 68879

When calling customer regarding parts, Susan went on to say how excellent of a tech Dennis was. He was sweet and very polite. She was very happy with Dennis and would want him back anytime they have a service issue.